Thursday, February 16, 2012

Avec confiance...

Open in new tab and zoom in.
I recently got my Visual Presentation portfolio back from last semester, and honestly, I never worked so hard on any project as much as this one, as it is going to be the portfolio I show at interviews, that is... When I apply to jobs such as visual merchandising (which I would love, love, love to do) or even graphics for a magazine! This course is the reason I learnt Illustrator. Which is by far the best program to use for your blog! So take note bloggers, the key words here are: Adobe Illustrator.

For this section of the project, we had to compare fashion merchandise to a non-fashion related image and then explain the visual composition of the image (not the outfits, but the object itself!) So I chose 2 outfits out of Haider Ackermann's Spring 2012 collection and compared it to coins, as you can see. Which tie in perfectly! Did I mention I got an amazing grade on this project? Woohoo!

We had to do 3 of these using different contrasts and harmonies. (They're called composition evaluation) The other two are gorgeous too! However, I'd rather leave them for my future employers to see. As well as build merchandising elements (shopping bags, business cards, hangtags and labels) for a collection - which is the part of my portfolio that I am extremely proud of!

I definitely will be doing more composition evaluations in the future, and posting them on here for some 'eye candy.' In fact, I think that's what I shall be calling those posts! 

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