Tuesday, March 13, 2012

La isla bonita

I saw an ad on Maybelline's new color tattoo eyeshadows and was so intrigued that I was sold from the moment I set eyes on them! I purchased it in 2 shades: 'Painted purple' and 'Fierce & Tangy' (which is a bright orange color, hopefully I'll do a post on it soon) And I was really impressed with it considering I don't usually like their products. The only downside to it I'd have to say is that you have to keep building it up to have the intensity of the actual color. 

And on top of the Painted purple, I applied a thin line of Revlon's colorstay liquid liner in Blackest black, if you all remember, I had one in Brown too and bought the black one because I love the stiff applicator of the liner!

For cheeks, I went with MAC's cream blush in 'Posey' since my face at the moment is really dry because I went from a super warm, humid country to a cold, dry one. So I've been applying cream blushes for the past couple of days now. 

And to finish this look off, I dabbed a bit of Revlon's Love that pink onto my lips. I realized that I haven't been wearing my lipsticks so intense recently... Hmm.. come summer time, I shall be wearing super brights! Yay!

P.S. The whole time I was in Cuba I wore cream blushes, and what they say is true: Cream blushes stay on longer in warm climates! Powder blushes fade off completely... And what I recommend for warm countries is Makeup Forever's Aqua cream blush since it's waterproof!

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