Wednesday, April 11, 2012


For one of my classes (Data gathering) we (as in my group and I) have been working on a project the whole semester on the basis of this concept: bringing ASOS to Montreal as a brick and mortar store. The idea, itself, is enticing. However, it's not as easy as clicking your open-toe high heels three times and saying "YES YES YES!" We had to find out whether this concept was feasible or not, because let's face it, at the end of the day people are looking to make profit. And so we started off by doing some secondary as well as primary data research.

What we had to figure out is everything their is to do about ASOS! Meaning we had to research the brands that they sell (and I'm sure you all know how many brands they carry!), their target market, their mission statement, their sales figures, their competitors (online and in-store), their competitor's sales figures, a SWOT analysis of both the competitors and ASOS, and it doesn't stop there!

We also had to find out about what the macro-environmental trends were at the moment. In other words, we had to research the economic and technological trends that are affecting the fashion industry.

Not only did we have to do a bunch of research, but we had to gather our own research in which we conducted two focus groups. Focus groups are basically like an interview except with 10-12 people. Let me tell you ladies, it sounds easier said than done, but collecting the information from those focus groups and putting them into charts is not exactly what I'd call fun.

No matter, our final presentation for this project is in two days. And I just thought I'd show you the visual of the concept above. Since ASOS is an online company, I decided to put an "interactive window display" instead of just a normal window display, and also because it is a technological trend at the moment. Stores are starting to using interactive window displays in order to enhance the consumers senses.

If you don't believe me, check this video out. And for those of you who live in Montreal, I'm sure you've seen the interactive ads that they just recently installed in the Guy-Concordia metro.

As to whether the concept was feasible or not... All the data we had gathered pointed to yes, however... speaking from a "future-marketer's" point of view, I feel like this concept would have to be tested out first where ASOS originally started out: in the UK. The reason for this is because cities such as London are so much more fast-paced and fashion forward than Montreal. On top of that, most companies are starting online as this generation is all about technological advancements. Also, since the company is renowned for being online and all their strengths point to being online (such as fast deliveries, free shipping, ASOS marketplace, to name a few) it would seem pointless to open an actual store. After all, ASOS does stand for "As Seen On Screen."

P.S. I'd like to know your thoughts. Would you like to see ASOS in-store?

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