Tuesday, May 1, 2012

22 with a new do

I have had my hair long since forever, I can't even remember the last time I had short hair... Must have been before this generation was introduced to the amazing platform which our generation can't live without. I'm talking about the Internet, incase you're wondering... So, I'm turning 22 in exactly 15 days, which of course, I'm completely excited about! Who doesn't get excited on their birthdays? Especially when you've got amazing friends that have made secret plans for you. Also, for those of you who follow me on my Twitter account, you'll know that I have just finished my most challenging semester yet. So I decided to start this summer a new person (looks-wise). I felt I needed a change and so you could say I'm reborn again....

Another one of my justifications is that every year has got to be special in the sense that every age comes with a tag:

Sweet 16
Silly 17
License 18
Last teen year 19
Adult 20
Legal all-round 21
New do 22 (Doesn't it rhyme? Try saying it out loud!)

With summer right around the corner here in Montreal, I couldn't resist, there was no better time or place to get a bob. And I've been dying for this haircut for a while now!


Thanks for commenting fellow Diem-er! xx