Sunday, May 6, 2012

Amande et Cerise

I'm currently residing at a friend's until further notice, thank god for IPhone's 8 mega pixel camera for producing such great quality photos! (I am a very faithful Apple consumer) I realized that I hardly write about lotions when it is actually the one product I use twice everyday with devotion, right after the shower and before I sleep. And sometimes I'll carry it around with me for those very cold winter days because my skin gets super dry.

In any case, being a heavy consumer of lotions and body butters alike, I've decided to start a "skin potion" series. Seriously, they work hydrating magic wonders for your skin. Not only that, but it is as if you are immersing yourself in magnificent scents of your choice. And thus, the name: Skin potion.

I purchased the Almond Body butter from The Body Shop about 4 days ago, as I adore their butters. I have purchased nearly all of their different scents. However, this is the first time I have purchased the Almond scent, and it is the most delicious scent I almost want to dip my fingers in it and eat it like peanut butter! Mmmm....

I know you must be thinking, "Really? Almond?" But trust me... It has a hint of a cherry scent to it too! The only way I can give it the closest description of its scent is by describing it as almond-cherry ice cream. And even looks like it!

This body butter has got a really thick texture which allows your skin to be extra smooth, which is the best part about it. Actually no... Scratch that... The best part about it is that it stays on all day! It's literally been 8 hours since I showered and I can still feel the smoothness of the body butter on my skin!

Incredible product that deserves all the raves it has gotten! This definitely won't be the last of The Body's Shop body butter on my skin potion series.

P.S. You can see that I have used a significant amount of the butter in just 4 days. That is how good it is. Wow... I sound like an advert but I just really, really like it.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this body butter! It's one of my fav' :D

    1. I wish Blogger had a like button to like this! :) Thanks for the comment!

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