Monday, May 7, 2012

Bad to the Bone

Hit with the realization that summer was in the air, my friends and I decided to take full advantage of the summer sun as we know Montreal all too well with it's premenstrual syndrome of a weather. What I mean to say is that it could really well be raining tomorrow even though the Weather Network says otherwise. I guess technology can only take you so far... 

And so, our trip to TamTams, a mountain in the middle of Downtown Montreal with people playing the drums infront of a statue. I'm not sure what the statue is all about really since there are always people crowding it whenever I go and I am never able to read the placque. So I call it the Statue of Peace.

Doesn't this look so peaceful?

Anyhow, even though it was sunny, there was a slight breeze and so I wore a leather jacket. And I realized I never did a post on how much I love leather jackets. I love how it's so versatile you can wear it with a dress to dress up, or you could dress down by wearing it with a graphic tee and leggings. Which is what I did on this very day, making me feel super badass. Pardon the language, but there's no other way to emphasize it.

Bad to the bone y'all. So very bad to the bone. HA!

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