Saturday, May 5, 2012

Born bad

It's been a while since I've done a post dedicated to my love of nail polish. I decided it was time to do one on my favorite winter color. Yes, it's not winter now, I know that. But it still hasn't reached its full peak of summer here just yet. Also, I've been sporting this baby all winter!

It looks just like olives but has a shade of grey to it! A mix that will go well with black, brown, greys and whites of your outfit. Not to mention purples, like shown above, the olive green meshes really well with purple! Hey... it's not me that's telling you, it's Mrs. Mother Nature...

I also love Essie's nail polish line. Any one who has continued to follow my blog will know that I am an Essie fan all the way (as well as Revlon) but with nail polish, I don't think anything can top Essie. I love how the nail doesn't dry instantly after applying the first coat. Usually, with out nail polish brands, they dry really quick and I end up getting little bumps on the surface of my nails.

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