Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moon River

I've been slightly obsessed with piling accessories on just because I have been dressing up very simply for school and I haven't been shopping in a while, so I'd compensate by adding a bunch of accessories. Not altogether though. I'd wear a bunch of bracelets one day, and then pile on necklaces the next. Piling accessories together tests your creativity and you kind of feel like a mad scientist that's been able to mix chemicals together without exploding... Or exploding in a very good way. At least that's how I felt... No? Just me? Ok... Anyhow, accessories really do make a big difference to a plain outfit. Above are some of the accessories I am infatuated with and would love to pair together! I am especially lusting after the Just Acces bracelet with the ring connected (I've always wanted one of those!) And below, are some of my experiments!


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  2. I LOVE it!!! The piling on of jewelry! I do it sometimes too! I also love how that tweety bird keeps following me everywhere I go! So cool! LOL

  3. You are sooo pretty! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I am now a follower on bloglovin and gfc. Please follow back if you'd like.


  4. @Shermain: Best thing ever to spruce an outfit to life!

    @Sweet Melissa: Thanks you really are sweet hehe xx

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    1. Hello fellow smoker ;) I like your jewelry collection! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Lets follow each other?
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  6. Wowww...beautiful jewelry! Especially the bracelets :)
    Lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other, on GFC and bloglovin? I'll follow you back for sure :)

    Have a great day!


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