Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where have you been

In my previous post, I had stated that for summer I wanted to purchase products that would allow me to apply the least amount of makeup. So today I had finished working on this mood board and got inspired to do a minimal monochromatic pink look to demonstrate what I meant.

I only applied the 3 products, above, on my face and it was all PINK, PINK, PINK! Ok... maybe the NARS Illuminator was peachy, but it's got pink undertones, so I found it to be perfect for this look!

I created the mood board for some eye enticement. And I gave the color swatches cute names to go along with it. I love creating mood boards, so feel free to suggest any sort of color mood boards you'd want! I'd be happy to create one for you all! It could be any sort of combination, if you'd like to see another mood board I created, check out my fashion post here.


  1. Really pretty down stated look

    1. Thanks Iana!!! I definitely find that the minimalist look is best for summer since you're always out and about enjoying the weather! :)


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