Wednesday, June 13, 2012

7 nation army

Continuing on with the day challenges, which I utterly failed at posting daily, I've been re-decorating my apartment as well as enjoying Montreal's gorgeous summer. Hence the lack of posts. I've got a lot of eye candy to show though despite the list of challenges. And I absolutely love them all. They feature a couple of Montreal's treasures including freedom of speech, nature, Paree (as in my apartment), and other random objects I experimented taking photos of. Enjoy Diem-ers!

Student protests on Saint-Catherine Street, Montreal.

Montreal's weather, so predictable yet unpredictable. It will rain even if the sun is still out.

Graffiti in downtown and the RSA building reflecting it.

An up-close shot of a dandelion which is definitely one of my favourite shots of the bunch.

I'm not sure what flowers these are, but I love how the center is blurry and the borders are sharper.

City lights, traffic lights, and headlights. Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Can you tell I'm loving the close up shot sharp foreground/blurry background technique?

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