Saturday, December 22, 2012

Choco Lux

While going through pictures of some of my favorite designers collections for Spring 2013, I came across Mugler's collection. Nicola Formichetti, as always, a genius that doesn't cease to amaze his avid fans by experimenting with different textures, fabrics and silhouettes. I, especially, loved the leather he used in the collection which had a sleek, glossy finish added to it. To check out the whole collection, click here. Browsing through his collection, I found that four of the outfits stood out to me in a way that I felt I had to make a visual analysis of them as well as create a composition.

I guess I subconsciously was thinking about chocolate as soon as I saw these outfits as chocolate is addicting, and so is fashion. And fashion is just as delectable as chocolate. 

So why not combine them both to get an end result of pure yumminess?

Okay fine, let's do it this way then. 

Fashion = eye candy
Chocolate = real candy

Thus, basic 7th grade Math taught us that: x+x=2x the pleasure.

It's actually shocking that I did Math on a fashion post. Ah, sue me.

BALANCE: Asymmetrical.
RHYTHMS: Repetition of shapes, gradation of colors.
LINES: Geometric.
INTERACTIONS: Monochromatic harmony, dark and light contrast.
FAMILY: Neutrals.
(This applies to both photographs)

I couldn't help but showcase the top 3 outfits I loved the most out of the whole collection. These looks were too good to not to include in this post too.

The mint green skirt is one that I would be willing to wear for a whole month without taking off in the -20 degree Celsius weather in Montreal if I ever got my hands on it. What I love most about the sienna/burgundy dress-short ensemble is the criss-crossing of the neckline. I find this outfit to be really sophisticated yet sexy at the same time because of it's tight fit. And lastly, the little black dress with a hint of bad gal, with its leather belt and sleeves. I can never resist black leather when it is meshed with other fabric. It gives more texture to the dress allowing it to be flowy yet stiff at the same time. I love how Formichetti's contradictory nature is implied in his clothing.

I appear to have fallen head over heels for this man, not only because of his pure brilliance and creativity (he turned Mugler around while still being able to keep the Mugler name and style intact) but also because he is quite the hottie... I feel a teenage crush forming... 

Formichetti, what have you done to me?

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