Monday, December 17, 2012

Le Pain Quotidien, Dubai

It has been a while since I have written a post, probably since the start of this semester. I haven't forgotten my Diem-ers but some of you may have questioned, "what happened?" Well, life happened. It is actually not as morbid as it sounds. For those of you who don't know, it is my last year in university. I have one last semester till I am a graduate of Fashion Marketing. And as much as I love what I do, I despise the administration of the school. It is as if the Fashion Marketing students are not meant to get any sleep at all. I guess in a way it prepares us for the industry, that's how I try to see it. I know for sure it is a torturous schedule as I had a friend visit me from Dubai and had already graduated from Finance in university and he told me he had never seen a school that worked their students this much. Let me give you all a little summary as to how my semester went. Just a brief one.

On weekdays, I would have classes from 8 AM - 6 PM then weekends I would have work for 5-7 hours per day depending on how busy it was. And seeing that it was Christmas time, it was almost always busy. I worked at this high-end boutique called Maska. For all you Montrealers, I'm sure you know this boutique it's opposite Diesel on Rue De la Montagne, and if you don't I'm sure you have heard of either of their sister stores, Imperial or Rina Scimento. And if not, then you have to get out more because they have 20 stores across Quebec and have just recently opened one in Rockland Centre! I learnt a lot at Maska though, and I am so grateful to have worked there along side the best manager ever who taught me everything there was to know about the company.

On top of work and school, I wrote for the LaSalle College magazine as well as helped my favorite professor out with a fashion networking event. During this event, I got to meet a lot of amazing people who had so many goals and passions that we all equally shared! And lastly, I have been working on my final project which determines whether I graduate or not. If any of you have heard of the reality show "Shark Tank," that is exactly how it is. So I've had to work outside of school hours for that. And somehow, I still managed to keep my social life intact. To sum it all up, I have been extremely sleep-deprived this semester.

Which probably explains why I slept through the 14-hour flight from Montreal to Dubai. And then slept again for another 10 hours once I got to Dubai. Today, however, I have not slept at all. (It is currently 11:16 AM) I decided around 7:30 AM to get dressed and go for breakfast as I didn't want to sleep at all today to fix this jetlag up.

I didn't even bother to look outside the window before I left the house and so I was kind of surprised when I found it pouring outside. I hadn't seen it rain a single drop in Dubai since I was in high school and we were all sent home because of the flood the rain had caused!

It didn't bother me though, I was destined to have a morning breakfast adventure. Preferably somewhere with fast wifi and a beach view! For some reason I had set my mind on Jumeirah Beach Residence, even though there was really no point because I wouldn't be able to go sit outside and enjoy the scent of the salty, sea breeze. I didn't even research which restaurant to goto or what would be open at that time! Keep in mind, this is all pre-caffeine in my system. Post-caffeine, I feel like standing in a corner to punish myself for my stupidity...

Anywho, I finally get to JBR after what seems like an hour as I drove at 50 km/hour all the way. And the closest restaurant to where I parked was Le Pain Quotidien.

The interior décor to this cafe is absolutely stunning, and the first things you see are the freshly baked bread all piled up to the left and on a cupboard full of jam. It felt so parisienne which I adored! However, I was kind of crushed when the waitress had told me there was no wifi; I thought about leaving but decided against it since it was still raining and I had brought a backup aka The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling.

I had been craving an English breakfast complete with beans, hash browns, eggs and beef of some sort. The closest thing I could find was the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and veal bacon on whole wheat toast. Of course, I ordered an espresso on the side, I'm not much of an espresso gal, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. The espresso did it's job, and till now I am still up and awake. I should warn you all not to be fooled by how good the food looks. The eggs were too overcooked for my liking and the veal bacon was too chewy. And when I asked the server for ketchup to mask the taste of the overcooked eggs, she had told me that they didn't have ketchup! I don't think I had ever heard that before, the first thing that went through my head was,

"Isn't it against the law for a restaurant to not have ketchup?!"

I ended up eating the salad (which had a standard olive oil and lemon dressing) and leaving the rest of the food. I. just. couldn't...

The ups of Le Pain Quotidien was that the service was really good. The food was brought to me in less than 15 minutes and the servers were really sweet, even though there was no ketchup, they offered me salsa which I politely refused). And secondly, the atmosphere is very calming as there weren't many people there and they played soothing classical music which allowed me to bury my nose into my book.

Maybe I should cut the restaurant some slack, I probably shouldn't have gone to a place called "the Daily Bread"(in English) if I was looking to have eggs for breakfast. Maybe eggs just aren't their forté. And at least this taught me a very important lesson: if I ever try a new restaurant, I have got to ask the servers what dish the restaurant is most known for. That way, if it is the most popular one that people order, I won't be so disappointed.

Last thing, and something that is completely off-topic:

I've increasingly started to become aware of a lot of stores' or even products' branding. It is almost an obsession because of school. I was scrutinizing Evian's glass bottle branding "pure" and I just don't understand it. Obviously they are saying that water is pure, don't we all know that already? But I started looking at the bigger picture. Out of curiosity I went on to their website, where they actually have an "Evian line" of different sorts of bottles in different containers such as recyclable plastic, plastic, glass and so on... I clicked on the Evian glass bottles section and no where does it say it is made of recycled glass. Doesn't it, in turn, make the bottle un-pure as these bottles are not made of recycled material? One of the definitions of 'pure' on Merriam-Webster's dictionary is, "free from moral fault or guilt." Isn't it morally wrong, at this day and age, to not be recycling materials that could save our Earth's natural resources? So isn't the Evian wrong about their tactic of branding the word "pure" onto their glass bottles? Doesn't this make it false information?

I figure I read too much into it. I can almost hear you all shouting, "You think?" to your monitors. But hey, it's some food for thought.

Until next time.

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  1. your blog post made me smile :)

    1. I love how you go have breakfast alone with a book - miss independent!

    2. I love your writing style and tone.

    3. The eggs actually look reallllly yummy - looks can be deceiving.


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