Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Before I begin, I wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody! Hope everyone had a very festive Christmas Eve filled with turkeys, pot roasts and mashed potatoes. Or what ever else anyone eats traditionally on Christmas Eve. I know I got a major case of the itis once I was done. I also had a very "Rachel moment" yesterday, when I say Rachel, I'm talking about the TV series from Friends. For those of you who don't watch Friends, there's an episode where Rachel, who is Jennifer Aniston in real life, takes on the responsibility of making dessert for a bunch of people for Christmas Eve dinner. And she ends up taking the WHOLE entire dinner and even after it to perfect it because she felt so much pressure to make it perfect. But, she ends up messing it up anyway.

Long story short, that is exactly how I felt yesterday except I didn't mess it up! YAY! I made apple crumble (yes, I chose the easiest thing to make as desserts aren't my strong suit). I even messed up making cupcakes from scratch once. So that's kind of why I was happy this didn't go wrong.

Continuing on, I was looking through Alexander Wang's Spring 2013 Prêt-å-porter collection and oh did I love the whole collection. Incase you didn't know Alexander Wang is one of my top 3 favorite designers. Along with him goes Mugler and Haider Ackermann. The 3 fashion geniuses. Forget Karl. 

Anywho, this segment of my blog is called, "beauty, on the runway?" because I don't think that the look should be limited to just the runway. I would wear this on an evening out. I find it so chic. That word just made me cringe, but it was the only way to describe it.

The whole look is meant to be flawless. Flawless hair and flawless face. Meaning hair spray and middle parting. For the face it's all about concealing, contouring and heavy brows. But, I put on a tiny bit of red to go with the green for Christmas. Nothing at all on the eyes nor cheeks.

I know, the green is tacky. But hey, it is all I could find at home, and I really didn't want to leave the family today so I decided to just go with it. 

As soon as I get my hands on some black electric tape, I will be wearing this look out.

  Mark my words. 

P.S. The model above is Liu Wen, she is currently my model of the moment. I find her GORGEOUS, and she's been all over this season and last season's runways.


  1. Alexander Wang is one of my favorites too ah <3
    FORGET KARL x1000!

    1. I know I love how he's so minimalist but he plays around with the textures of his garments! Seriously, Karl got nothing on Wang!


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