Saturday, January 5, 2013



The emotion that limits a person's actions and abilities to advance in a certain aspect of life. Fear is probably a result of past experiences or even others' experiences. Nevertheless, we are all consumed by this emotion because we don't want to risk getting hurt or going through any sort of pain.

As I walked along the shore of the beach, I thought about the consequences to this. I said to myself, "Aysha, you are only going to get hurt in two ways, either physically (by a crab; yes I saw a huge crab on the shore next to my foot and screamed really loud) or emotionally (by a man)." Then I thought that I was just mentally scaring myself because of the probable pain that I could be making a lot worse than it actually is.

I guess the question is, how much pain am I willing to suffer through for a person. And if that person really is worth it. I'm saying all this because I'm having a revelation of some sort. Not one that I want to get into details at the moment, but this pretty much sums it up: I am trying to get over my fear of pain and in order to do so, I have to go back to the source.

I think that is what everyone should do when it comes to their own fears. The reason being that people always say, "face your fears!" And that is how they automatically overcome them. But it needs more than just that... There's got to be a thinking process to it all. Whoever came up with that quote forgot to mention that you have to find out how you developed those fears in the first place and what the consequences would be if you were to face them.

Only then, can you actually come to terms with your fears and conquer them.

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"None but ourselves can free our minds." - Bob Marley.

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