Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ever since I started watching the show, Million Dollar Decorators, which was recommended by a friend of mine, I've been itching to make my very own interior décor mood board. 

All images were taken from google, none belong to me.
I've always been interested in interior design. After all, I am studying fashion and in a way they correlate. A lot of my professors used to tell us to look for inspiration outside of the realm of fashion. Whether it was in cooking, art, interior design, photography, etc... And I would always buy Elle's interior décor magazine. I also have a lot of interior design books that I look at to tickle my pickle.

So finally after much contemplation, I decided to go for it and start making interior décor mood boards on my blog. Yay! I will be publishing interior décor posts under the "art" section.

Your imagination is needed though. 

Picture this: The light grey paisley pattern used as wallpaper for one wall and light grey paint (the same shade as the wall paper) on the rest of the walls. Except for the ceiling, that will be white. And the floor will be made of white marble tiles.

The key colors that will be used is grey and white and the accent colors are bright yellow, bright pink and creamy pink.

I am in love with the light pink roses chandelier! And I will be dreaming of that bed for years to come... I love that it has a high-rise headboard made of white leather. Not to mention that decorative mirror.

I want this to be my room. Oh no... maybe doing this was a mistake?

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