Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tamally maak

What happens when you're left at home alone? 


There's nothing like comfort food in -20 degree Celsius weather. Yes, you read that right. MINUS TWENTY degrees! If I had balls, they'd be frozen right now.

So yes, I'm not much of a dessert fan. Actually I'm not at all. But when it comes to that time of the month I can't resist... You ladies know what I mean, don't be kidding yourselves on the other end of the monitor screen. I know you're all looking down in shame.

Fun fact: Did you know that apple crumble originated in England during World War II? At the time apple pie was considered extravagant thus it was expensive. And during that time they had still been trying to overcome the Great Depression, much less survive the war. So they came up with a less expensive way to create an apple pie and came up with this baby right hurr.

Great table conversation? I think so...

Anywho, ever since I came back to Montreal, I haven't had time to think much less sit down in my humble abode all by myself. Queue Celine Dion. That song always reminds me of Bridget Jones' Diary when she's on her couch listening to that song and singing along with red wine in hand.

Oh, would you look at that, that's exactly what I'm doing right now. Except with apple crumble...

Best combo, I must say.

I'm off to crumble land. Cheers!


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