Monday, January 21, 2013

These battle scars

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Zara under dress, H&M white tunic, American Apparel knee-high socks (folded over boots), Urban Outfitters boots.

 I am aware of what they say... It is frowned upon to show that you smoke on your blog. But hey, if I'm going to run this blog, it is going to be completely 100% me. And this is who I am. I am a smoker. I also know the 411 on how bad smoking is. I get it, it's a bad habit I have and I'm working on it. Every time I used to write a post back home and post pictures of myself with a cigarette in hand, my mom would say, "Why are you encouraging people to smoke? Take it off."

I'm not encouraging anyone to do so, this is just who I am. And I assume that if people didn't like what they were seeing, they would simply not read my blog. Right?

Continuing on, this post is not about my smoking but rather my obsession with tassels. I find that it gives simplicity and elegance to an outfit.

I wore black tassel earrings that is kind of subtle since my hair was covering it. Normally, I would tie my hair up in a bun to expose them but I thought that since I was already exposing my shoulders that it would be a bit much.

I also wore a tassel belt to keep the tunic from falling off as well as give my body more shape.
Forever 21 tassel earrings
Aldo off-white tassel belt


  1. Hi, great post! I love your makeup :) I have nominated you for the 'Liebster Award'. Check it out:


  2. looking gorgeous apple!

    From: your biggest fan! ;)


  3. The tassel belt is really nice! Great style :)



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