Friday, January 18, 2013

What's love got to do with it?

The best thing about winter?

Having winter-themed candles all over the house.

A few days ago I tweeted the arrival of my purchase from Bath & Body Works. 

Since Bath & Body Works was having a 75% off sale promotion, I kind of went overboard and bought 8 candles, 4 body sprays and 3 body shower gels. Yes, I know, it was a lot. I really am an addict. But their candles are too good and there's no Bath & Body Works in downtown Montreal.

Montreal, you should really get on that... I would be the reason for half of your profit. Fo sho

So I got the "Frosted Cranberry" scented candle, I purchased 4 for the living room. And as I am typing this, the delectable scent of cranberry is ever so slightly creeping its way through to the dining area.

The best thing about Bath & Body Works candles? They're so strong they take over the whole apartment. And since I do cook a lot it really does help get rid of the meat scent. 

I put 2 of the Frosted Cranberry candles on my coffee table and 2 on my shelf. The shelf is kind of like a shrine to me as I've got a lot of my favorite books on it, an abstract drawing framed (which my friend, Kathleen, drew), a picture of my sisters and I, and last but not least some shells I picked up on the shore of the Caribbean Sea all the way from Cuba. So it is only fitting that I put candles on either end of the shelf to define my very own "holy grail."

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