Saturday, January 12, 2013

You're as cold as ice

I'm a day away from travelling back to the land of the cold, aka Montreal, Canada. Scratch that, what I actually meant to say was land of the freezing. Apparently, while I have been away enjoying the beautiful weather in Dubai, Montreal has been going nuts with snowstorms round the clock.

I've got four words: I'm so not down.

It's all good though because I got to pamper myself one last time before heading back by getting myself a mani-pedi. And as soon as I saw Essie's Silver Bullions, I thought, "This seems to tie in with snowflakes and icicles."

Seriously though, I love how this color looks when applied without a base coat. It gives off a pearly, sheer color that is reminiscent of icicles dangling from the corners of buildings and branches in Montreal. Also, when you look closely at icicles, you feel as though they've got glitter in them. Just take a look for yourselves at the collage I made, above.

I like that you can use this polish simply by just using it as it is as well as use it as a top coat to "funk it up." It looks especially fabulous when you wear some silver accessories with it!

Essie can be relatively expensive when sold in-store as they put a high markup on their products, so for my lovely Diem-ers, I have found a less costly alternative to purchasing Essie's Silver Bullions here.

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