Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I couldn't even get an answer

My first experience at any sort of fashion event ever (excluding Betsey Johnson's show at Radio Lounge, where she did not even show up) was at Pedram Karimi's show for Montreal Fashion Week.

Naturally, I was 50 shades of excited when I was invited by a friend of mine to attend with him. It was Montreal Fashion Week for God's sake! There was a chance for me to get all dolled up and actually see what it was like to attend a show with people from the fashion industry.

And hell, was I glad that my first show was the great, Pedram Karimi, who graduated from fashion design at LaSalle College and also attended London College of Fashion. 

As the show started, I started to feel every hair on my body lift and a shiver down my spine, I guess that's what all fashion week newbies feel?

I couldn't help it though, especially with the dimming of the lights, projected short fashion film on the wall and the anticipation of what was to come in the air.

His show consisted of both male and female models as his looks are androgynous, which I LOVE! When asked what his looks were inspired by, Karimi replied, "This collection is totally gender confused, regardless of your sex, if you think you can pull it off then wear it." 

In hearing this, I started to think of how smart androgynous looks really is. We live in a generation where there is a decline in the male dominancy and the uprising of equality amongst the genders. And like I always state, I am a pure feminist. So there was not a more amazing response that Karimi could've given. I was 100% in lust. Not to mention, he was Iranian. I'm half Arab, and I grew up with a lot of Iranians, so I felt some sort of connection there. Both of us Middle Eastern's on North American soil.

If I had to sum up his collection in one word, I would say architectural

However, after a couple of days, I've allowed all of my emotions to sink in in order for me to fully explain myself. 

So, I'm going to start from the top so as to make peers in the fashion industry understand my feelings fully. 

I have been a loyal follower of all the fashion shows that go on every season. Yes, I mostly look out for the designers that I love as opposed to checking the ones I find too cliché. I usually prefer designers who are underdogs, like Haider Ackermann, or even Pedram Karimi. In any case, all these fashion shows that I observed through the screen of my laptop made my thoughts go to the midst of a fantasy land where the actual event took place. Preoccupied with thoughts of how it would be like to personally see a fashion show of a grander scale where all the magic happens rather than just behind a monitor. 

Come on, who are you kidding, fashion bloggers, we all know that one day we hope to be so accomplished with our work that we're sent invites to attend these shows. (Myself included, obviously)

I hate to be the bad apple of the bunch, but my blog has always been about my opinions and the truth. And that is how it will continue for as long as I am the one in control of this blog. After attending this one show, I realized how pretentious people in this industry can be. As I watched the show, I got turned off by how people were on their phones/iPads and not even enjoying the whole experience. (Which is why I only have two photos of the show itself) Not only that, but when the show finished, people exited into the lounge area where drinks were being served, and all I realized was that I was surrounded by divas who went to the shows to show themselves off and not watch the hard work that was put into the clothing and venue itself.

If you know me, you would know that I was a social person. When I tried to talk to people there, they looked at me and walked away. And mind you, these are older people in the industry. They looked at me as if I was below their level. Their noses were so high up they didn't realize I would be writing about this. It started to make me think, "If people in the Montreal fashion industry are like this, imagine how it is in New York or Paris?!" 

 And these past few days, whenever people would ask me how it went, I explained to them that I didn't think people would be like that. All of them replied, "How did you not know? You are in fashion. This is the world you are in."

I really, really did not know how I could've been so oblivious to this.

Nevertheless, I am not one to be negative, I just thought that anyone who had expectations as I did, should lower it in terms of "meeting" people in the industry. I have never read any other blogger express emotions such as the ones that I have. I see now that it is because they want to keep getting invited to shows and keep a good reputation as a blogger. I'd rather state the truth.

What I loved about Montreal Fashion Week?

The experience. The venue. 

The people who organized this show did such a good job. They integrated art and fashion. Which you all know, I love, because I write about them both. 

They also had live art! Which I had never seen in real life, the only time I had ever seen it was in one of the episodes of Sex and the City where Carrie meets the Russian! Except this girl was standing for a good two hours in the lounge area! Right on the edge of a wall too!

It definitely was a great experience, I learnt a lot about how much effort is put into these shows to give the audience an overwhelming amount of things to take in as well as my own personal values. I am telling you all from now, I vow never to become a person that looks below others. I will continue on in being who I am.

Carpe Diem, with 13 commandments.

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