Friday, May 10, 2013


What have I been up to?

A lot has been going on, that is what every blogger says when they disappear off the grid. In my case, I  decided that instead of just stating, I'll show you all what has been happening in the life of A. Yes, my name starts with an A.

Photos speak louder than words. So instead of paragraphs of explanations, I give you photos. I try to refrain from making my blog look anything like a scrapbook, but I find that it's more visually enhancing. Let's begin. 

My final project group that resulted in us making it to finals from the semi-finals. Only 6 groups out of 20 made it to the finals and we were one of them. Yeah baby!

Graduation and receiving my diploma.

Messing around with my friend's glasses before judgement day (aka FINALS!)

The day of finals. Nerve-racking beyond words. Impatiently waiting for 1,000 people to be sitting in the audience and being judged X-factor/American Idol style with judges from the industry asking questions. The purple light is where the judges were sitting.

Later on that day, standing infront of everyone. I'm the one in the skirt by the way. And all I could think at that moment was, "Oh no, I'm standing infront of 1,000 people and I wonder if they can see that my legs aren't shaved..."

Filled with joy that summer has finally come to greet M-city. For people in Montreal wondering where this street art is, it's close by Berri Uqam metro. Gorgeous, innit? 

The result of what happens when my friends don't take me to karaoke. I sing at home with Youtube in the background. Can't help it if my Filipina half is deprived of a microphone.

Maintaining my workout routine by hiking and running up Mont Royal. Sad that my gym membership has ended so the result: running around this beautiful city that I now call my home.

"Ever get the feeling you're just a slave to the system?"

A note I found while on one of my adventures and took a picture as a result of watching way too many documentaries, reading way too much of the news and concluding that this world is made up of a whole bunch of bullshit conspiracy theories. (I'm still an optimist don't worry!)

Lastly, this picture was taken from Google has I wasn't able to take a photo just yet, but this is the amazing boutique I'm doing my internship at the moment. With the most amazing boss/founder ever, Tiffany. I don't think I have ever loved a job so much. I am currently blogging a segment called, "Look du jour" on Quartier Mode, if you would like to check it out.

I love everything that this company stands for. And if you are in Montreal, please feel free to come check it out. It's on 4276 Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

I promise to try and keep updating regularly now that I have graduated, I still have one more topic to update you on, which is a whole other post in itself.

Muchos amor Diem-ers. 

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